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e-HealthWorld Monaco , France
Biography :

Dr Charles Nahmanovici is a gynecologist-obstetrician-surgeon. He created the Gynecology Days on the Côte d'Azur and is, today, one of the scientific leaders of Gyn-Monaco. He is the co-founder of e-HealthWorld Monaco and is vice-president and scientific director of the Woman's Institute of Monaco. He was a founding member of one of the first websites in medicine, first site in Gynecology, Gyneweb! He has been innovative in many areas while keeping his critical thinking. He has always had the passion of companionship and therefore of transmission and it is in this spirit that he undertakes constantly. Convinced that connected health is becoming an indispensable tool for doctor-patient reconciliation, he supports initiatives in this area.

Research Interest :

Obstetrics and Gynecology

OCM Member
Department of Health Policy and Management
Jackson State University , USA
Biography :

Mustafa ‘Mike’ Z Younis is an internationally recognized scholar and served as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society for Research of Healthcare Financial Management. Dr. Younis has authored and published over 200 articles, abstracts and presentations in refereed journals and meetings, and has presented at national and international conferences. Dr. Younis has administrative experience as Senior Advisor to the President at Zirve University & Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management at Florida International University (FL, USA), where he led the accreditation efforts for the Healthcare Management Program. Dr. Younis has a history of playing visible roles on the editorial boards of journals as Chief Editor, Guest Editor and Editorial board member of leading journals, such as IJMR, JHCF, Inquiry, JHHSA, JPBAFM Dr. Younis is a frequent speaker for both academic and professional audiences. His talks often feature his latest research and work in progress, as well as cross-industry trends and strategy implications. He has provided workshops and presentations for worldwide organizations. His research and findings apply to for-profit, non-profit, and government settings. Dr. Younis has consulted with several organizations on healthcare finance and economics. Dr. Younis is often invited to speak about the challenges in the healthcare industry and other related topics to health economics, finance, and research. He has presented topics, such as healthcare reform, ownership structure, profitability, unit cost, payment system and efficiency in management, at a variety of forums and conferences in USA, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

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