Reproductive Genetics

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Few pregnancies are at high risk for birth defects or genetic conditions. The possibility of such issues arising in any pregnancy is less, however the risks may be greater in certain situations leading to genetic disorders. The physician assesses your risk by getting information’s about the previous health and history of pregnancy along with reproductive history of others in the family. By various screening tests, the physician will be able to assess the risk rates for birth defects or inherited conditions in children. The session deals with various genetic disorders that affects the fetus and the pregnant women.

  • Advanced maternal age
  • Drug exposure, including medication for chronic disease
  • Exposure to viruses, chemicals or other dangerous agents at work or home
  • Family history or hereditary of birth defects
  • Family history of developmental delays or psychiatric problems
  • Recurrent fetal loss or stillbirth
  • Abnormal Ultrasound

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